WOKSHOP : The future of innovation Transforming our society for saving lives


Deploy a rapid prototyping/ design thinking method on social issues


Develop a deep understanding of the challenge


Clearly articulate the problem you want to solve?


Brianstrom potential solutions select and develop your solution


Design the first version of prototype


The future of innovation: Transforming our society for saving lives

Mental health professionals (MHPs) tell us that sometimes community members contact them in cases of social media postings that raise concern of suicide so that the MHP can reach out to the individual at risk. Unfortunately, it is often the case that such posts do not receive any reply. The experience of failing to get a response after disclosing thoughts of suicide could exacerbate feelings of isolation and worthlessness, potentially increasing risk of suicide. This situation motivates the need for a safety net which could detect cases of public social media posts that indicate crisis to ensure that they do not go ignored. Previous work by De Choudhury (2013), Jashinsky (2013), and others has shown that machine learning methods can detect signals from social media that indicate depression and risk of suicide. ARKHumanity is new technology which targets the language of depressed individuals who express their thoughts and disappointments through the social network, Twitter. It searches and filters public tweets to identify language that leads to self-harm actions using a machine learning algorithm. This technology also has a front end graphical user interface that helps clinical psychologists, behavioral health experts, and trained volunteers to connect to those who are in crisis by sending them an appropriate reply with relevant resources. Currently there is no technology like this. This interactive presentation will share this new innovative technology, share the preliminary results of the usability study and begin the discussion on how innovation can transform our society to save lives.

  • Objective 1

    Listening, talking, and connecting about saving lives.

  • Objective 2

    Encourage and grow a network of interdisciplinary people to solve the problem of saving lives.

  • Objective 3

    Deploy a rapid prototyping/ design thinking method on social issues.

Our team

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Ram Polur

Speaker, Humanity X Director of Clinical Informatics
Ram Polur is the Director of Clinical Informatics at Humanity X. Advanced data analytic techniques and technology at the intersection of medicine and public health are his passion.
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Jordan Bates

Speaker, CEO of Humanity X
Jordan Bates is a PhD student in Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences. He is a Graduate Research Associate with the Center for Policy Informatics. Jordan has expertise in text analysis, machine learning, and computational social science.
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Dr. Kacie McCollum

Speaker, Humanity X Director of Operations
Dr. Kacie McCollum is a doctoral chair for the School of Advanced Studies and faculty member for the College of Humanities and Sciences at the University of Phoenix. She holds a M.Ed. and Ed.D. Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP) from the University of Massachusetts.
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Pat Pataranutaporn

Speaker, Humanity X Director of Innovation
Pat Pataranutaporn is a creative biologist, artist, designer, coder and an undergrad student at College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Arizona State University. His work examines a range from environmental biotechnology to interactive technology at the intersection of biology, DIY, and computation.
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Bin Hong Lee

Speaker, Humanity X Director of Product Development & Outreach
Bin Hong Lee is an undergraduate student at Arizona State University in the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering majoring in Software Engineering. He has experience in participating in multiple hackathons, and taken entrepreneurship courses during his degree program.

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